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April 23, 2014 (Wednesday) [4.2 miles]

A little tired this morning, but legs felt good enough for a short run. My right shoulder has been bothering me since last week when I strained it lifting free weights. Some pain when swinging my arm, but hopefully by Sunday it will be better. No more weights or push ups the rest of the week.

April 22, 2014 (Tuesday) [9.6 miles]

Not sure why I feel so lazy on Mondays. I was planning to swim and possibly run, but woke up too late to do anything. The extra day of rest does wonders. This morning I felt refreshed and strong. Keeping the intensity low, splits are in the 11 to 12 range. Added a 100 foot hill, which I've never done in the dark, in preparation for La Jolla Half. I was planning on 8 miles, but I was feeling fast, so I added another mile, but stopped short of 10, since I didn't want to lose my speed by forcing my body to fatigue. Fastest pace in the second half of my run, so I could have easily done 10, but wanted to keep the run under 2 hours (which I did, 1:58:22)

April 20, 2014 (Sunday) [2.1 miles]

Really felt like just resting today, as my body was tired from yesterday's long run. Legs were not sore, so I figured a easy run on the beach would be good. After a few miles, I didn't feel like running anymore, so I cut it short. Week 7 of my consecutive 30+ miles. I've been on a roller coaster weekly mileage since my marathon last year. I think 30 is just about right to be ready for a Half Marathon at anytime. I'll need to ramp up at the end of summer for the Disneyland Double Dare (10K Saturday, Half Sunday).

April 19, 2014 (Saturday) [14.1 miles]

Took a day off running yesterday so that I could get a swim in since the pool will be closed on Easter Sunday. Did not need the day off running, as my body is getting used to running consecutive days again. Plan this morning was an easy 10, and if I felt good another mile or so. Pace was slow, but I felt strong. At mile 10, I decide to add on a few miles. Knowing that I have to two consecutive Half Marathon coming up the next two weeks, I decided to go 13 to test myself. As I was heading home I estimated I would finish at 13.5, so I add one short loop to make it an even 14. Last few miles were tough, but I needed the tired leg training.

April 17, 2014 (Thursday) [8.3 miles]

I woke up early this morning in preparation for a longer run. My muscles were a little sore from the past 2 days of running, but I need to keep the mileage up. I felt as if I was training for another marathon, I didn't feel like running, but I knew I had to. Pace was slow, but after each mile, I didn't feel any worse. Split 4 and 5 were slower, but after that I was able to regain my pace and finish feeling great. Another close encounter with a skunk, but this time, the skunk saw me first. I heard a scratching sound on the sidewalk, and I looked over to see a skunk with it's tail up. I was about 10 feet away, within firing range, but I guess I was not a threat.

April 16, 2014 (Wednesday) [3.2 miles]

No problems with going too fast this morning. Super slow pace, and not much time to run makes for few miles. At least my troublesome hamstring and calf seems to be getting better.

April 15, 2014 (Tuesday) [8.2 miles]

Need to sleep early if I want to create time to run in the morning. Another sleep-in Monday, but the rest is always nice. Slept last night at 7:30 pm, so that I could wake up this morning at 2 am. Full moon (also an full eclipse at midnight) was hidden by the fog, which only got thicker as the morning progressed. Ground remained dry, but my eye lashes were soaked. A good slow recovery run after the weekend race. No more speed work for a while, as I have another Half Marathon in 2 weeks, followed by another the week after. The races will have to be my speed training.

April 13, 2014 (Sunday) [13.1 miles]

Peace Love Half Marathon. Cool cloudy conditions, and a flat barefoot friendly course make for a fast race. My original intention when I signed up for this race was to break the two hour barrier for a Half Marathon. Because my training was no where close to this pace, I choose to run as hard I my body would allow. For the first 8 miles, I ran with another barefoot runner who runs at a slight faster pace. I had my best times when conversing while running, and today was no exception. Finish in 2:18:25, a 10:34 min/mile pace. Faster mile was the end, of course A little help from a guy I passed at the last mile. I could hear his foot steps right behind me, and even though I was increasing my speed into the 9 min/mile pace, he was hanging on. The last quarter mile, I kicked up up another notch (8:30 pace), and finally could hear the foot steps fading away. Very small race, 223 finishers in the Half (119 place for me), and mere 8 in my age group (M 50-54) in which I finished 6. If I achieved my original goal of sub-2, I would have placed 3rd in my age group. Maybe next year.

--- Older Entries ---


I first began running barefoot in 2006 when I was doing a swim-run event (Aquathlon) with the Triathlon Club of San Diego, and accidentally brought two right running shoes. I knew the only way to complete the run was to go barefoot, as some of the other club members do. The soft sand beach run actually felt good, and the lack of shoes made my feet feel very light.

I would often see club members running barefoot on the street, which seemed rather brutal on the feet, but some people say the same about running barefoot on the sand. After reading several articles about barefoot running, I decide that 2010 is the year of the bare feet. One of my main purposes is to avoid injury. I haven't been about to run weekly for a whole year in over twenty years. No major injuries, but just minor pain in joints that takes the fun out of running and forces me to rest to recover. Another reason is to try to minimize the calluses on the ball of my foot (3rd metatarsal bone) and my big toe. A properly aligned foot should have pressure evenly distributed, and running barefoot will help strengthen the muscles of the foot. My first goal was to do the run portion of a Sprint Triathlon running barefoot which I completed in July 2010.

As my training distance increased I set my sights on possibly a Half Marathon. I had always loved the La Jolla Half in April, so I was targeting that as my first barefoot running race. I then found out there was a Half Marathon on my 50th Birthday in January, and increased my distance more aggressively than normal. By November 2010, I finish a training run of 13.1 miles, so I felt confident about my first running race in a few months. I ended up completing 4 Half Marathon races in 2011, and also an Olympic distance (1.5K-40K-10K) triathlon in October.

Running Background

I wasn't much of an athlete when growing up. I played some tennis in high school, and always enjoyed riding my bicycle around the neighborhood. In October 1987, I decided to run a marathon on a dare. I had been riding my bicycle for two years, completing several century (100 miles) rides. I figured I was in good shape, and even though I never did any distance running in the past, running 26.2 miles seemed easier than riding a bicycle for 8 hours.

My first "run" in October 1987 was for 4 miles in tennis shoes at a 10 minute/mile pace. My 2nd run the next day was for 6 miles. In January of 1988, I bought some running shoes, and began my training for the Long Beach Marathon coming up in 4 months. Within a month, I was logging 80 miles a month, with a peak in March of 100 miles. I completed (barely) the Marathon in 4:42:59 (the first half was under 2 hours) and didn't run again until the next month.

Running continued, but no more marathons. Many half marathons with the fastest being 1:49:31 in April 1989. Most of my running was during short triathlons, but I did do a 10K in August 1991 @ 46:20. My fastest one mile time-trail was on October 24, 1991 at 5:55. By 1994, due to family commitments, my exercise was reduced to bicycle commuting. It wasn't until 2005 when I decided to get back into triathlons that I started running again. In 2007 I was able to complete several training runs at a half marathon distance. Injuries (usually right knee soreness) never allowed me to run longer distances every week, and often I would have to rest for several months before running again. I torn my right calf in June 2005 (but didn't know it at the time), and torn left calf in March 2007. It would be 25 years from my first marathon before I complete another marathon, this time barefoot.