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September 3, 2015 (Thursday) [4.2 miles]

Slow start and legs felt heavy. My lower back still a bit sore, but better than yesterday. After 2 miles, everything loosen up, and I was running smoother. Kept it short, in preparation for the long weekend of races.

September 2, 2015 (Wednesday) [8.5 miles]

Sore lower back last night, but no idea what caused it. Most likely a combination of lots of odd lifting/pulling things I did over the past few days. 16:27 first mile was a struggle, next mile at 16:06 was not much faster. Lower back not affect me too much, but I just didn't seem to have much energy. At the first water stop at mile 2.6, I consumed an energy gel in hopes that would make me feel better. A bit of a boost in speed, 14 min/mile, but at the next water stop at 5.6, another gel as I was fading again. Needed to keep the run under 10 miles, so a slight detour home while maintaining some speed, last two splits: 13:22, 12:52. Overall average 14:30, so a somewhat negative split run, with plenty of energy at the end (thank you GU).

September 1, 2015 (Tuesday) [3.6 miles]

Easy, peasy, short run for taper week. 14:33 average. Rest yesterday, but did do some light garden work.

August 30, 2015 (Sunday) [5.2 miles]

Planned workout was to swim, then run. The pool was too crowded this morning, so I ran first. Pace pretty good at 13:29 average. I expected the pool to still be crowded when I got back, but a few lanes were opened, so I did a nice cool down swim, but had to stop after 1500 yards, due to cramps in my feet and calves.

August 29, 2015 (Saturday) [5.6 miles]

Yesterday's swim went well, legs strong enough to kick, and even extended my swim to 2300 yards. Less than a week before DDD weekend. Really easy run this morning, warm and humid made for an uncomfortable run. No more long runs until the race, easy taper week.

August 27, 2015 (Thursday) [10.2 miles]

My body is learning to recover quicker, so I hoped to go 10 this morning. First mile, my legs were pretty stiff, and took 16 minutes. Stayed close to home, in case my body wanted to quit. At mile 6, headed home as I was getting tired. The energy gel started to kick in, and I felt stronger and extended my route in search of a working water fountain. The parks I passed had not had working water for months, but I was just hoping they might have been turned on. Last 4 miles without water, but I had hydrated earlier, so no harm done. Last couple of splits were in the 12s, and I made my 10 mile goal. Average pace 14:12. Rest day tomorrow with a pool swim.

August 26, 2015 (Wednesday) [5.1 miles]

Easy recovery run around Miramar lake. Foggy morning made for a nice cool (but humid) run. A bit of a struggle the last few miles to keep the pace under 16.

August 25, 2015 (Tuesday) [10.2 miles]

Woke up too late yesterday for a pool swim, so I choose an evening ocean swim instead. I haven't done an open water swim since last year's triathlon, and with another triathlon coming up next month, I figured it would be good practice. I slept well, and was energized this morning. I wear a wet suit for ocean swimming, so no need to use my legs. Planned 10 mile run started pretty slow, 16:27, but as I warmed up, slight improvements each mile. I briefly stopped at the pull up station in the park, but after one pull up (I normally do about 7), I knew my arms were trashed from the swim. Threw in a little hill work (100ft elevation), and by mile 4, settled into the 13 min/mile range, and still generated negative splits. I had thoughts of going longer at mile 9, but my legs started to hurt, and I wanted to run tomorrow. The last quarter mile home, I looked at my average pace, 14:02. Sprinted home to get below 14, finishing with an overall average of 13:56 min/mile.

August 23, 2015 (Sunday) [10.0 miles]

Seems even a short run the day before may affect my long run. Or maybe it's just accumulative fatigue from the whole week. 36.7 miles this week after my 10 mile beach run. Kept pace around 15 min/mile, but didn't seem to have as much energy as I would have hoped. Tried a bagel (with butter) for breakfast before running. Did not seem to help much, I should just stick with my PowerBar.

August 22, 2015 (Saturday) [3.5 miles]

Less than a month before my only Triathlon (a sprint) this year. Trying to work in 2 swims per week with my running. Have not figured out when I can ride my bicycle, but that does not require much training to get back in shape. Friday's swim wiped me out, slowest 2000 yards this year, due to lack of leg strength. Little stiff this morning, but each mile was about a minute faster. Long run tomorrow.

August 20, 2015 (Thursday) [6.1 miles]

Back to the beach, my toes need a rest. Some Fartlek work, but not too intense. Surprised I felt like running this morning. My body is adapting to the shorter recovery time, so DDD should be easier this year.

August 19, 2015 (Wednesday) [10.3 miles]

Last DDD simulation before the race. Last week's test, I took it easy on the first run. Yesterday's workout was at a much faster pace, so I wasn't expecting to feel great this morning. Not too much muscle soreness, and the warm up mile was at a decent 15:28. Started increasing the pace slightly, but knew that I did not want to push too hard. After mile 3, found a comfortable 13 something min/mile pace that I was able to maintain the rest of the run. The last mile was pretty hard, as I felt my muscles running out of energy. Overall 14:06 min/mile average.

August 18, 2015 (Tuesday) [6.8 miles]

Wanted to run yesterday, but the morning swim wiped me out. Beach run today in the morning before the crowds arrive. Slow, easy start to see how my legs feel, then a gradual speed up. Mile 5 split, pretty much as fast as I could go, before the cool down (which was still pretty fast). Splits 16:38, 15:14, 14:18, 10:36, 9:48, 11:56. Overall average 12:53 min/mile.

August 16, 2015 (Sunday) [11.1 miles]

Earlier DDD simulation really wiped me out. Needed an extra rest day, but back to normal now. Easy 11 miler to make sure my weekly average stays above 30 (extra to make up for last week's deficit).

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