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January 26, 2015 (Monday) [2.0 miles]

Woke up early, but still a little sore. Did not want to waste the morning, so I decided on a short run. I could tell I did not have any leg speed, and after a mile, started to feel some pain in my left Achilles (which is still recovering). Pain is not good, so I headed home in what would be a very short run.

January 25, 2015 (Sunday) [3.4 miles]

Sunny, warm winter day in San Diego, just right for a recovery run on the beach. I was ready to start my run, and noticed I forgot my GPS watch. I have a GPS app on my iPhone, but decided that I was just going to run my normal route anyway, so I just timed my run not worrying about the pace, besides a recovery run means go easy. Waves were up, but closing out, which made for some nice booming sounds. Lots of barefoot runners and walkers this morning, more than usual. Have to love San Diego winter weather.

January 24, 2015 (Saturday) [6.7 miles]

Not motivated to run this morning. Woke up late, warm, dry and windy outside. Knowing that even if you don't feel like running, sometimes after a few miles you can feel better. Today was not one of those days. Perhaps I went too fast on Thursday's run. Still trying to maintain 20 miles per week, but today's run puts me 0.2 miles short. Overall pace was 14:53, but the effort level was too high in the end to justify going any longer. Easy run on the beach tomorrow should allow me to reach my weekly mark.

January 22, 2015 (Thursday) [6.5 miles]

Starting to need less sleep again and was able to wake up in time to get a run in. Temperature much colder than yesterday, requiring 3 top layers, tights and gloves. First warm up mile felt good, so I picked up the pace the rest of the run. Fastest mile was 11:28, and overall pace 12:45 min/mile. Ran a bit longer, with hopes of taking tomorrow off to rest for the weekend, but may run short if things feel right.

January 21, 2015 (Wednesday) [3.5 miles]

Surprised I woke up early this morning feeling rested and refreshed, only 12 hours since yesterday's run. Kept the run short, since the last time I ran on such short recovery time was when I was training for a marathon back in 2013. A bit slow at the start, but when I warmed up, I felt much better and faster. Overall pace an even 15:00 min/mile.

January 20, 2015 (Tuesday) [3.1 miles]

Recovery run the day after a race has not been working for me the past few races, so best to try something different. Instead I opted for a short, easy bicycle ride yesterday, which seemed to work much better. Still had trouble waking up early this morning, so I ran after work. Negative splits on the short run, and faster pace than Sunday's race.

January 18, 2015 (Sunday) [13.1 miles]

Rock 'n' Roll Arizona, official finish time 3:07:04, pace 14:17 min/mile. See Race Report.

January 15, 2015 (Thursday) [5.1 miles]

Another morning waking up late, stiff, and sore. I didn't want to go more 2 days without running, so I got to work early so that I could run after work before the sunset. I started my run from the office, so I had to deal with lots of traffic and street lights. Managed under a 15 minute mile, but I stopped my watch while waiting for the signal lights to change. I felt an occasional twinge in my Achilles both left (the recovering one) and right, which informed me to slow my pace. This will likely be my last run before the weekend Rock 'n' Roll Arizona.

January 13, 2015 (Tuesday) [3.3 miles]

The good news is my toe blisters are all healed. The bad news is that I still felt tight this morning, and could barely run very fast or long. Each mile was not feeling better, and since this was suppose to be an easy week, cut the run short, no need to risk injury.

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