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February 13, 2016 (Saturday) [13.3 miles]

Great swim yesterday, broke 50 minutes for 2000 yards, something I haven't done in years. Legs a bit stiff this morning, but after some warm up exercises, everything felt loose. Another warm day forecast, so an early morning start at dawn. About mile 2, when I headed west to the coastal boundary, then fog got pretty thick. Ground was still dry, but when the sun finally came out (around mile 5), my sunglasses were covered with moisture. With the cool fog, I extended my route before my first water stop, which would be now at mile 7. Tempo run today, so kept a pace around 12 min/mile. Splits 13:05, 11:39, 11:11, 11:47, 12:02, 12:05, 12:27, 12:32, 11:21, 11:36, 11:46, 10:59, 11:37. Finish in 2:38:06, with an average 11:52 min/mile, fastest pace for this distance since June 2014. I guess this speed work stuff the past few weeks is actually working.

February 11, 2016 (Thursday) [10.4 miles]

I started a daily pull up routine since Monday, 5 pull ups each day. Swim yesterday wasn't getting any easier, but at least it's not a struggle to get to 2000 yards. Felt a bit tired this morning, but resting heart rate was normal (47 bpm). I got a slight blister (light red and sensitive) on my 2nd toe of my left foot from Tuesday's run. This is actually the first time I had any problems with that particular toe. Normally it's the 4th toe that has problem. As a precaution, taped the 2nd toe, but no soreness on the 4th, so no tape there. Left just at sunrise, so plenty of daylight. Now that I have a GPS watch, I can perform some measured sprints. Several ¼ mile intervals throughout the run, with one mile interval at mile 7 which is a low traffic asphalt street route. Legs pretty sore the last few miles home, but I kept trying the short intervals. Post race examination showed some redness on the 4th toe (again!), but the taped worked on the 2nd. Maybe I should have taped the 4th, I keep hoping that the trauma will cause the skin to toughen. Splits 13:47, 10:43, 13:00, 12:33, 12:38, 12:31, 12:41, 11:08, 13:25, 12:56, 13:44. Average pace 12:33 min/mile.

February 9, 2016 (Tuesday) [6.6 miles]

Got my watch back from repair. Instead of replacing the battery, they just sent me a newer model watch, IronMan ONE GPS+. A $20 service charge, but a good value. I kind of got used to all the features of the old watch (IronMan Global Trainer), but hopefully this watch will work better since it's a newer model. My old ANT+ heart rate strap won't even work, since the watch only supports Bluetooth. Slow recovery run, hoped to go long, but after 5 miles, just felt like my legs wouldn't move very fast, so I shuffled home the last mile. Rest day (from running) tomorrow, with a swim workout, if I can wake up early enough.

February 8, 2016 (Monday) [11.2 miles]

Happy Lunar New Year, year of the Monkey. Yesterday's 2000 yard swim was difficult, since I didn't have much strength in my legs. Well rested this morning, starting at 5 am. It's been a while since I did a dark run. Day time highs in the 80s, so the starting temp of 49°F was just right. Legs felt good and light, so I did some speed work with intervals. Nice to see a mile split in the 9's again, something I haven't done since last year's Turkey Trot 10K. Third split a bit long due to pull ups, water, and restroom stop. Without my GPS watch, I couldn't measure the distances easily, so the workout was more Fartlek style. Splits 13:37, 9:26, 14:16, 12:13, 12:15, 12:24, 11:40, 11:02, 11:42, 11:09, 11:58. Average 12:00 min/mile.

February 6, 2016 (Saturday) [14.4 miles]

Only the third run this week, but all runs have been over 10 miles, so no problem to get to 30 miles this week. Cool 39°F start, but it would be 70°F when I finished, so just shorts and a T-shirt. Tried to keep a slightly faster pace, but not too hard that I would burn out. Only one restroom stop due to the warmer temp causing me to sweat more. Splits 14:15, 13:38, 13:44, 14:05, 14:37, 14:09, 14:19, 13:05, 13:01, 14:01, 14:12, 13:46, 13:44, 13:57. Average 13:55 min/mile with 13.1 dialed in at 3 hours.

February 4, 2016 (Thursday) [10.7 miles]

Cumulative fatigue showing it's signs. After two consecutive 40 mile week, plus my off-road adventure, I just needed a rest. I had planned to swim yesterday, but slept in and rested more. Felt good this morning, but the cold 39°F temperature at the start of my run did not help to motivate me. I tried a few intervals after mile 1, but didn't really feel fast. Picked up the pace a bit at mile 5 (and energy gel), but could not sustain that very long. One last push on the last mile home, but I didn't have much energy. Splits 15:35, 12:21, 15:13, 14:02, 13:50, 13:45, 13:06, 13:34, 16:22, 13:22, average 14:09 min/mile.

February 1, 2016 (Monday) [11.7 miles]

Still a bit tired from last week's workout. Swim yesterday for 2000 yards took some energy away. Strong winds (gusts to 50 mph) yesterday left tree debris everywhere. Several broken branches, and toppled trees, made navigation difficult. Super slow pace to conserve energy, I should be able to go 10 miles after a single running rest day. Easy flat sidewalk route, out 4.5 miles, so that I am forced to go 10. Average snail's pace 16:55 min/mile made for an over 3 hour run.

January 30, 2016 (Saturday) [6.5 miles]


With the mileage already high this week, I decided do some conditioning on the trails in Los Peñasquitos Canyon. Started in Canyonside Park, and crossed over the creek at the Ranch House crossing to the south trail. I did the north trail last month, which is much smoother. I was rather surprised that there were more rocks used to prevent erosion, since the last time I was there (over a year ago). Large sections of rocks, slowed me to a crawl. A hiker coming the other way told me it's got worse further down, and the bridge was out. When I got to the Carson's Crossing, there were signs stating the bridge was out. At that point the waterfall was 0.8 miles away, but the trail finally less rocky. I finally made it to the waterfall on the south side, but was averaging over 30 minutes per mile. Heading back, I had to get my feet wet to cross to the north trail. There was no way I was going to go back through all those rocks to get back to my car. It was such a relief to be back on the smoother trail, but there wasn't much energy left in my legs to run very long. Overall average 36 min/mile, a nearly 4 hour hike.

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