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July 4, 2015 (Saturday) [5.0 miles]

With a holiday from work yesterday, I was able to be more flexible with my workouts. I decided to swim in the pool in the morning because I have a sprint Triathlon coming up in a few months. The short 1000 meter swim wiped me out, and I didn't have enough energy for an afternoon run. I decided to run this morning and felt much better. Short, easy run, in hopes that I will be able to run long tomorrow. I have a Remix Challenge coming up in 2 weeks, so I need prepare. I will be short of 30 miles this week, unless I can run 13 miles tomorrow.

July 2, 2015 (Thursday) [2.3 miles]

Most of the time I start out running slow with tight muscles, then warm up a feel better. Today was not one of those days. After the first mile, I just didn't feel like going anymore, and headed home. I hoped that on the mile home I would feel better, but I didn't. Maybe I should have taken a rest day instead, but I didn't feel that bad.

July 1, 2015 (Wednesday) [5.1 miles]

Much cooler at 75°F, but the humidity was up to 80%. A few raindrops, which got heavier as the run when on. Ground damp, but not wet, but enough to stain my feet from the still dirty streets. Felt much better today, with the fastest miles splits at the end of the run. Overall pace 15:16 min/mile.

June 30, 2015 (Tuesday) [5.4 miles]

Warm at 86°F, but with a humidity of 66%, not ideal conditions for running. Chicago in July can be hot and humid, so I'd better get used to it. Legs feeling a bit heavy after Sunday's long (but slow) run. Original plan was to go only 3 miles, but the first water fountain was not working, so I had to go a little further to get a drink. Pace not fast (16:15) due to the humidity, but consistent, so running longer wasn't a problem.

June 28, 2015 (Sunday) [17.1 miles]

American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Scripps Ranch. 24 hour event starting at 9am Saturday, and ending at 9am Sunday. I helped setup at the beginning of the event, and came back after midnight to run the early morning. Started at 1:20am, when the groups were beginning to thin out. The event location is a quarter mile loop around the park where the campsites are setup, so plenty of spectators around the entire course. The restroom is located slightly off the loop, and I had to stop several times. Initially I was just going to complete 10 miles. The smooth concrete was idea for barefoot running. There was one section covered with tree debris, but I saw that in the morning, and brought a broom to clear the area before my run. Splits 12:57, 14:04, 14:28, 14:24, 14:08, 15:11, 15:40, 15:00, 14:50, 16:48, 17:14, 16:14, 15:36, 15:58, 14:40, 13:22, 14:38. After mile 10 (and my 2nd energy gel), I felt like adding just one more mile before stopping. Something weird happened after mile 11, I started to feel better, and it wasn't because of the energy gel, which kicks in about a quarter mile of consumption. I think my body was starting to burn fat, and I was getting a boost. Continued another mile each time, and eventually worked my way to 17 miles. Overall pace 15 min/mile, though I was slower than that before my speed up. I knew I had done 16 mile runs during my marathon training, but didn't think I did much longer than that before. Turned out I had done several 17 mile runs when I was thinking of a marathon, so today's run ranks as my fourth longest run barefoot.

June 26, 2015 (Friday) [4.0 miles]

Cooling down temperature wise, but humidity up, and a bit of cloud cover. Sticky run, as my sweat did not evaporate as well. Ground was not as hot, which I like. Day off tomorrow, then a longer run on Sunday, should be back up to 30 miles this week.

June 25, 2015 (Thursday) [7.2 miles]

Cooling down a few degrees, but still warm. My body is starting to recover from Sunday's race. A bit faster and longer today, averaging 14:23 min/mile.

June 24, 2015 (Wednesday) [4.7 miles]

Back to the afternoon run. The nicest part was the ground was warm, and I could see where I was going. Still warm, so slowed the pace to prevent over heating. Disney pace (sub 16 min/mile).

June 23, 2015 (Tuesday) [5.2 miles]

Back to the pre-sunrise runs, at least for today. I hoped I would have recovered from Sunday's race, but no energy in my legs, so no long run this morning. Had to walk on the inclines, as my legs felt extremely heavy. 17 min/mile average, more like a fast walk.

June 21, 2015 (Sunday) [7.9 miles]

Coronado Low Tide Ride & Stride, point-to-point low tide beach sand run. The surface doesn't get any better than this for a barefoot runner. I did this race last year for the first time, and plan on doing it every year. Compact sand, with relatively low slope allowed me to test my limits. Course distance slightly shorter than last year (7.9 versus 8.2). Pace slower this year about a minute per mile, finish in 1:21:53, 10:22 min/mile pace.

June 19, 2015 (Friday) [5.2 miles]

Warm temperatures continue. Planned my route with as much shade a possible. Slow start to avoid sweating. Legs felt better each mile, so I extended my route some more. Enough energy at the end for a sprint finish. Rest day tomorrow, and race on Sunday.

June 18, 2015 (Thursday) [3.4 miles]

Starting out easier today, and brought some ice water since the temperatures is still warm. A bit tight the first mile, but started to feel better. Negative splits, but did not want to extend the distance.

June 17, 2015 (Wednesday) [3.3 miles]

Afternoon temperatures have been getting warm, in the 80s F. Decided to go for a run after work, from work, since it should be cooler closer to the coast. Still warm, but a few shade sections. Legs still not feeling fast, so I guess I need more recovery time. Easy short run, I guess I'm not doing 30 miles this week.

June 16, 2015 (Tuesday) [3.3 miles]

Needed an extra day to recover from the weekend. Legs still a bit fatigued, but needed to run to keep fit. Slow and easy, asphalt warm as was the air temperature.

June 13, 2015 (Saturday) [13.1 miles]

Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Half as Elvis. 3:31:20 16:08 min/mile. Division 365 of 372. Gender 4019 of 4123. Overall 10352 of 11064. Need to work on the Race Report.

June 11, 2015 (Thursday) [3.1 miles]

Left toe slight sensitive with just a hint of redness. Tape for this afternoon's run to avoid any more damage. Strange, my right toe was the one that was sensitive yesterday. Should be fine for Saturday's race, since I'm taking it easy. Flight out tomorrow morning to Seattle.

June 10, 2015 (Wednesday) [7.1 miles]

Easy, short consecutive day runs seem to be agreeing with me. A bit longer today, and slightly faster (13:22 min/mile average), but I was holding back, since this is a taper week. Looks like weekly distance will be back over 30 miles. One more easy run tomorrow, then a rest day before the race.

June 9, 2015 (Tuesday) [3.7 miles]

Cooler and cloudy this afternoon, but humid due to remnants a Tropical Storm. Easy workout with some dirt park trail work. Getting excited for my Seattle trip. Muscles less sore, so will keep intensity low the rest of the week. 14:17 min/mile average.

June 8, 2015 (Monday) [4.1 miles]

Rare Monday run. With the rest day on Saturday and the easy run yesterday, I felt refreshed, and my pace showed that, averaging a 13:28 min/mile pace. Negative splits, but I wasn't trying for that, since I was going fairly easy.

June 7, 2015 (Sunday) [6.3 miles]

Needed more rest, may legs have just been feeling tight the past few days. With the RnR Seattle coming up, need to start tapering. Easy beach run, but not too long. Weekly distance fell below 20 miles for the first time this year. Hopefully the extra rest will make be stronger.

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