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May 24, 2015 (Sunday) [5.5 miles]

Slow, easy start, then a comfortable easy pace. At mile 3, I started to feel good, and picked up the pace slightly. After about a half mile at this faster pace, I started to feel a little pain in my left calf, so I backed off. I had thoughts I going longer than my planned 5 miles, but I had already reached my 30 mile week goal, and with the slight pain in my calf, I decided that I better play it safe

May 23, 2015 (Saturday) [5.0 miles]

Left calf sore yesterday, so I didn't want to stress it too much. Original plan, 10 mile, rest tomorrow, but I changed to 5 miles today and tomorrow. To make things even easier, I ran on the beach at low tide. Must remember to take it easy for the next week.

May 21, 2015 (Thursday) [8.1 miles]

Legs stiff (mainly the quads) this morning, but after a mile I felt better and was able to pick up the pace. Distance limited by time, so if I could run fast, I could get in more miles. Attempted a negative split run, but at mile 6, I was losing speed, so distance was cut short. Need to rest tomorrow, likely rain anyway. Saturday long run, rest Sunday, run Monday, bike to work Friday, races Saturday and Sunday. Still managing 30 mile weeks, but not much extra.

May 20, 2015 (Wednesday) [4.0 miles]

Easy recovery run. Felt good at the start, so I decided I would add an extra mile to my run. At mile 3, I ran out of energy and walked for a bit. OK, maybe I should have stuck to the plan and only go 3. Last mile at 18:40.

May 19, 2015 (Tuesday) [8.0 miles]

Rock 'n' Roll San Diego coming up in less than 2 weeks, so one more speed workout before I begin my taper. The last speed work I did a few weeks ago left be spent the rest of the week, so I dialed back the workout. Only a couple of mile speed intervals, 10:20 and 9:34, not much better than last time, but the 9:34 is slightly faster. The race weekend will consist of a 5k Saturday, and the Half Marathon Sunday.

May 17, 2015 (Sunday) [7.5 miles]

Bay to Breakers 12K. Cool cloudy morning, but I was warm in my foot costume. Perhaps too warm. I worked up quite a bit of sweat, especially going up Hayes Street hill. Finish time 1:41:53, 13:40 pace. Mostly limited by my costume which is even worse than a wig, since my entire head is covered. Not sure if I would do this race again. More of a party than a run, but there were lots of costumes.

May 15, 2015 (Friday) [6.7 miles]

A wet Friday, scattered showers as I was preparing for my run this morning. Temperature was warm at 57°F, but decided to wear my rain gear just in case of a downpour. Felt pretty good despite my long run yesterday. Kept the pace really slow, since the streets were all wet, and I was hoping to get in 6 miles which would allow me to reach 30 miles this week. I could feel me speed dropping at mile 4, but was able to meet my goal. Rest day tomorrow for the trip to SFO, then the 12K Bay to Breakers on Sunday.

May 14, 2015 (Thursday) [10.1 miles]

I haven't been able to wake up early enough to run more often this week, but I listen to my body. Quads a bit tight at the start, but after a half mile everything was loose, and I was able to pick up the pace. No intense speed work this week, since I think last week's hard workout wiped me out this week. A subtle effort to negative split the run with the faster mile split (12:32) on the home finish. With the road surface roughness varying, it's difficult to get a consecutive negative split each mile. Main focus was to get to 10 miles, though I will likely miss my weekly 30 miles due to the travel to SFO for a race.

May 12, 2015 (Tuesday) [7.2 miles]

Recovery bicycle ride on Sunday should have left be refreshed on Monday. Not so, needed an extra recovery day. Still a bit tight this morning, but no speed work this week with the upcoming Bay to Breakers run on Sunday. At mile 5, I doubted that I could reach 10 today. Normally at mile 5, I'm all warmed up and pick up the pace. Not much speed today, so I cut the run short.

May 9, 2015 (Saturday) [11.6 miles]

Rain yesterday left the streets clean but a bit damp. A few puddles remain, but lots of loose rocks and tree debris everywhere. Add to that, after mile 1, the street was in the re-paving process and full of loose gravel. After the first 2 miles, my legs were getting tired. Then a mile 3, some hills. The first 5 miles, the average pace was a slow 16 min/mile. I wasn't sure if I could even go my planned 10 miles. Mile 6 split at 14:22, then mile 7, 13:38. With a mostly flat route, I started to feel better and faster, so I was able to complete my 10 miler (plus some). Due to the slow start, total time was almost 3 hours.

May 7, 2015 (Thursday) [5.2 miles]

Legs were a bit stiff this morning, but I usually warm up after a few miles. Planned on trying another 10 miler, but slower than Tuesday. After my slow warm up mile, I didn't feel much better. Hoped that the next mile my legs would feel more normal. By mile 3, pace was still dropping, so I headed home, no 10 miles today. Of course since I had planned on going long, I still had a few more miles to get home. Pace dropped further, last mile split was a disappointing 20 minutes. Yeah, I need a rest day tomorrow.

May 6, 2015 (Wednesday) [3.7 miles]

Slow and easy recovery run, not that I could have gone fast anyway. Yesterday's workout may have depleted my legs, as I have absolutely no legs speed. I should feel better tomorrow.

May 5, 2015 (Tuesday) [10.1 miles]

Rest day yesterday in preparation for some speed work today. My legs were stiff when I started, and first warm up mile reflected that at 16:36. Why am I so slow? I decided to do my speed work anyway, in hopes that the burst would give my body the jolt I needed. All out ¼ mile stride out in 1:58 (7:51 min/mi pace) got my heart rate way up there. OK, I got some speed, ready for some mile intervals with ½ mile recovery. Times varied depending on the road surface: 10:04, 11:30, 9:46, 11:43. The third interval, I pushed really hard to get under 10. Work out over at mile 8, the 2 mile cool down got slower and slower (15:00, 15:30) due to sore hamstrings and quads. Felt good to be going faster again.

May 3, 2015 (Sunday) [2.6 miles]

International Barefoot Runners Day, an annual event. The barefoot runners meet up every year to socialize and then a group run. In years past, I've always participated in the Safari Park Half Marathon. This year the San Diego Zoo is celebrating it's 100 year, and will not be having the race this year. As I'm still recovering my my injury, and all the other runners are rabbits, and I'm left in the dust. I tried out my selfie stick for the first time while running. I tried a slow motion video of my feet, and can see my heel landing first, but I already knew that. Kept the run short, since I was going much faster than I normally would. Average was 12:30 min/mile.

May 2, 2015 (Saturday) [10.0 miles]

Not sure how long I could go this morning, but I felt great. I decided on my normal weekend loop route which would be a minimum of 6.5 miles. I left just before sunrise, and stopped a few times for pictures as the sun rays touched the surroundings. Downhill felt good, easy and fast, but uphill was very slow, I think I need more time to regain my strength. At my first water stop at mile 4, I also consumed a energy gel, but still not exactly sure I far I could run. At mile 6, I got into a groove where I felt like I could run a marathon, but not super fast at around a 14 min/mile pace. At that point, I knew I could go 10 miles, but kept the pace steady. The last mile was one of the fastest mile splits of my run. The last time I ran 19 miles in 2 days, was for the Disney Dumbo Double Dare last September(10K-Half).

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