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December 21, 2014 (Sunday) [3.3 miles]

Super easy nose breathing run, but I somehow managed to average 15:40 pace. Must be the daylight. With Christmas coming up on Thursday I will be too busy to run, so will be taking a day off. Easy run on Friday, rest Saturday, Half Marathon on Sunday. Feeling more comfortable with 20+ miles a week, hope I can continue that in the future.

December 20, 2014 (Saturday) [5.0 miles]

Could not run yesterday, too sore, too tired, I guess my limit right now is 4 consecutive days. Decided on a beach run in the afternoon, since I had too much going on in the morning, the temperature at 46°F was not inviting, either. Low tide at zero was excellent, and air temperature at 63° was just perfect. Warm up mile felt fast (and was at 11:10), as usual when I run on the sand. I found a comfortable pace for the next two mile, which ended up very even (10:50.32, 10:50.26). As the pace dropped the next mile (11:32), I knew the end of my run was coming soon. Cool down mile at 13:19 gave me an overall average of 11:32 min/mile. Next week, easy runs in preparation for my Half Marathon in 8 days, the last for this year.

December 18, 2014 (Thursday) [5.1 miles]

Legs felt extremely heavy this morning, but as usual I always hope I feel better after warming up. At least the roads were dry, though there was still a chance of scattered showers, so I dressed a little warmer than normal in case I got wet. Slow start only improved slightly after a mile, but did feel better each mile, but still very slow. Fastest mile (last split) was only 15 min/mile. Cumulative fatigue may be responsible for my lack of energy, we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

December 17, 2014 (Wednesday) [4.3 miles]

Streets were wet from the overnight rain, and the radar shows a big band of rain clouds coming in. Rain jacket a must, since the likelihood of me getting wet were high. I decided to run the same route as yesterday to verify the distance. Rain started mile 3, so I slowed down to make sure that I would not damage my feet and focused on excellent running form. By the time I got home I was pretty soaked, but I expected that. Mileage the same as manual gmap tracking, and no problems with the GPS buttons.

December 16, 2014 (Tuesday) [4.3 miles]

Lucky break, the no rain in the early morning, it would arrive later. Felt good, but not enough to do any speed work. Original plan was to go for 3 miles, but was fast enough to extend the run a little. GPS malfunction at mile 3, none of my buttons were working correctly. I just kept getting two beeps no matter what button I pressed. At the end of the run I was trying to save the data, but ended up losing everything. Back to the old manual method of to measure my route. Finally figured out what was wrong, the start button was stuck in the down position. A little prying with a screwdriver loosen it up, and it's working again. More rain tomorrow, so I'm not going to get off so easy, as today's rain left the streets wet.

December 15, 2014 (Monday) [3.5 miles]

Toe blister is still there, but not as painful. At least the roads are dry now, though the temperature was 46°F so I had to layer up and use gloves. Kept my toes on my left foot curled up, and was able to run, but not as smooth. Pace was decent, averaging 14:38 min/mile. I felt the muscles used to curl up my toes hurting the last mile, and I felt it in my toe as well. Another rainy week coming up, so I need to be careful and keep good form during those wet runs.

December 13, 2014 (Saturday) [11.1 miles]

Heavy rain yesterday left lots of debris on the roadway. A few scattered showers this morning, so I wore my rain jacket. The rest day yesterday helped, felt good this morning, but due to the wet ground I was taking it slow and easy in the beginning. Around mile 5, I started picking up the pace, since I didn't feel like I would be able to run long. At mile 7, I headed home, then looked at my watch and noticed my pace was faster than usual. I decided to bump up my effort some more to finish strong, but felt even better nearing home and extended my run again. With a projected finish distance of just over 10 miles, I still felt strong enough to get to 11, though the last mile I felt my pace slowing. I got home and wiped my feet on the door mat when I looked down on my left foot and noticed some blood on my toe. Did I step on something sharp? I didn't remember any pain during my run. No blood marks on the walkway to my front door. After my shower, I examined the area, and discovered a toe blister, but there was no blood leaking. I must have popped it on the doormat. This is the same toe (4th) that has given me problems in the past. During my marathon last year, the nail fell off and the blister was much worse. The average pace today was over a minute faster per mile than last week, and would allow me to finish a half marathon in 2:51. Weekly mileage 27, highest since my injury in July, and close to my 30+ that I was averaging before.

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