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October 6, 2015 (Tuesday) [10.0 miles]

Woke up late. Decided to run Miramar Lake, so that I would not have to deal with traffic. Asphalt paved surface has some texture, and lots of little rocks and tree debris in various spots. Definitely needed to maintain light steps all the time. Coolest morning in several months, 57°F, and my feet could feel the difference as they were slightly numb. After the first loop (4.9 miles) the sun warmed the ground, and I could move slightly faster. About mile 8, my legs were getting tired, and it was hard to keep good form. A little rock got stuck in my right big toe, and it wasn't until I got home that I could remove it. No blood, since it was in the thick part of my skin. Good workout, my legs were sore afterwards.

October 4, 2015 (Sunday) [4.2 miles]

Easy beach to recover from yesterday's hard workout. I could feel the tightness most of the run. Rain predicted today, but run was dry, except for my feet which occasionally when into the surf. A few showers started on the drive back home, perfect timing.

October 3, 2015 (Saturday) [10.6 miles]

Rest day yesterday, at least from running. Did some strength work on my legs instead. Must have worked, since this morning I felt refreshed and strong. Even the warm up mile felt faster, and I just ran by feel, but I knew I was going faster than usual. Maybe too fast, I missed my turn, and ended up further than planned. I thought about taking a bigger loop, but after looking at my map, realized that the distance would be around 15 miles, not something I was prepared for, and especially since I was not carrying any water. Instead, I looped to the south, which I rarely do, to stop by a park with a water fountain. Just under 7 miles before that first stop, also refueled since I could feel a slight drop in energy. No specify goal pace, but it was dropping to my Sunday's race pace. Planned 10 miles, so I wasn't going much further since I would be running tomorrow, too. Each mile slightly faster, so I tried hard to keep it that way. Splits 13:24, 12:20, 11:20, 11:28, 11:24, 11:32, 11:12, 11:00, 10:56, 10:38. Overall pace 11:30 min/mile, a good 2:30 Half finish pace.

October 1, 2015 (Thursday) [7.1 miles]

With yesterday's easy, short run, felt much better this morning. Quickly warmed up, but still felt a slight twinge in my left hamstring. I felt this a few times on Tuesday run as well. I usually have hamstring problems after a speed workout. Sunday's faster pace Half qualified for speed work. Picked up the pace to 10 min/mile to see if the hamstring will hold up. For a ¼ mile, no problem. A rest, then another interval. Decided to go the next interval for a full mile, but about ½ in, felt the twinge again, and slowed slightly. My hamstring was telling me it could not take any more speed work, so I slowed to a long run pace. Still hoped to go 10 miles, and tried different things to lessen the pain. What helped was to run a bit higher (less knee bend), but that only lasted so long, and after mile 5, did not want to risk damage and cruised home.

September 30, 2015 (Wednesday) [3.1 miles]

Very tired last night, woke up late (relatively) and stiff. Did not feel like running, but knew I should. Since I was not sure how far I could go, I decided to take it easy, and headed to the beach to run at low tide. First mile actually felt pretty good. The next mile seemed to be a struggle, normally I would start feeling better by that time. Walked for a couple of minutes, then tried to run again, but could only go 3 minutes, then back to walking. Not going long today. Once I decided to end the workout, that seemed to motivate me some, and I was able to finish off by running. Last 0.1 mile walking on the soft beach sand to work my foot muscles. Last day in September, 150 miles this month.

September 29, 2015 (Tuesday) [11.2 miles]

Rest day yesterday, didn't feel tired, but knew that it would do some good. A bit of a struggle to get started this morning, couldn't get any leg speed, and my tight muscles made it difficult to run smooth. After only a few 100 yards, I put my watch into distance mode, I knew this was going to be a slow run. Somewhat committed myself to 10 miles, since a day of rest is normally all I need to go long the next day. Still dark as I started 2 hours before sunrise. After a few miles felt better, but not strong. Consumed my first energy gel early a mile 3.5 in hopes that I would get a boost. Helped a little, and I continued at my slow pace. Mile 6, restroom stop, and my last energy gel. A little twilight allowed me to see the ground, and I was able to go faster. Each mile started to feel better, and by mile 9, I was feeling normal. Added an addition mile because I felt so good at the end, with the final mile split the fastest of the workout at 12:40 min/mile. Overall average 14:30.

September 27, 2015 (Sunday) [13.3 miles]

Next race of the Re-mix weekend. Half Marathon 2:36:12 (11:55 min/mile pace). Overall 5557 of 8262, Division 305 of 423, Gender 3324 of 4247. See Race Report.

September 26, 2015 (Saturday) [3.1 miles]

First race of the Re-mix weekend. 5K 34:52 (11:14 min/mile pace). Overall 940 of 1994, Division 413 of 664, Gender 466 of 745. See Race Report.

September 24, 2015 (Thursday) [3.0 miles]

Slow swim, could not get any power from my kick, so only 1000 yards. Still dark when I started my run at 5:44 am (sunrise at 6:38 am), but few people or traffic around the business park next to the YMCA. Consumed an energy gel and some water before I started the run. Within a half mile, felt the need to pee, even though I went before I started. Hoping the feeling would pass but kept checking for hidden bushes along the route. I was wearing my still wet swim brief under my running shorts, and at mile 1.7 relived myself while running. Felt much better, I continued my run, but only a half mile later, had to go again. Did I hydrate too much yesterday? I've always wondered if I could "go on the run", now I know I can. With no shoes, and short shorts, nothing large to absorb any odors.

September 23, 2015 (Wednesday) [7.1 miles]

Recovery run, started easy and ignored my pace. Original plan to only go 3 miles, but after a few miles, felt better than when I started, so I kept going. Each mile slightly faster with the same effort, so I just kept adding on miles. After mile 5, I felt a little drop in speed, so headed back home, last mile wasn't easy anymore. One short run tomorrow, likely after a morning pool swim.

September 22, 2015 (Tuesday) [10.3 miles]


A little bit of everything this morning, 400 foot hill, asphalt, sidewalk, rubberized track, trails, stairs, and beach sand. Pace varied as well, first mile uphill, through UCSD campus, then to the track for some speed work 5x100m. Explored a new beach trail, and stopped several times for photos.

September 20, 2015 (Sunday) [3.0 miles]

TriRock San Diego Sprint. Started at the back of the last wave, so I passed many, on the swim, bike, and run. Swim (500m) 14:34, T1 7:50, Bike (11 miles) 41:12 (16.1 mph), T2 8:09, run 36:09 (12:02 min/mile), Overall 1:47:54. Elvis was a big hit, but at 75°F and 65% humidity, I had to watch my speed to keep from overheating. Not as uncomfortable as Chicago, and only 3 miles.

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