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May 28, 2016 (Saturday) [5.2 miles]

Weekends are nice, since my schedule is more flexible. Low tide this morning, and I wanted to do an easy run, so off to the beach. Lack of sand made for some rocky sections. I may have started off too fast, since each mile got harder and slower. Just before mile 4, I took a walk break to examine the sea life. That mile split was 21 minutes! At least I made my 30 miles again this week, for the 49th consecutive week.

May 27, 2016 (Friday) [7.1 miles]

Better recovered this morning, but drizzle made for a wet run. At least it was warm at 60°F. Felt good at mile 5, but did not increase the pace as this is suppose to be a taper/recovery week. Average 15:07 min/mile, so slightly faster than yesterday. Short 5 mile run tomorrow, and I'll be done for the week.

May 26, 2016 (Thursday) [8.2 miles]

I should be tapering, since I have a Half Marathon race on Monday, but I'm still recovering from the weekend triathlon. My left hamstring not quite 100%, so a slow, easy start, averaged 15:28 min/mile overall. A couple of 6 miles run the next few days, with a rest day on Sunday should hopefully allow full recovery, and get me to 30 miles this week. Next week will be easy, 3 races for a total of 29.3 miles.

May 24, 2016 (Tuesday) [10.1 miles]

With the Sunday speed workout, I started out quicker than normal with my first split at 14:28. At mile 4, I could feel my hamstrings hurting slightly, so I backed off increasing the intensity, and kept an even pace the rest of the run. Averaged 14:29 min/mile, a bit faster than the past few weeks. Because of my Half Marathon race on Memorial day (Monday), I have to finish up my week a day earlier, to be well rested.

May 22, 2016 (Sunday) [2.9 miles]

TriRock San Diego, Official results, T1 (27:00), Bike 44:45 (14.8 mph), Run 30:12 (10:04 min/mile). Finish in 1:50:17, not sure what happened to my swim time. Run felt good, but my GPS recorded 2.9, not 3 miles. Splits were in the 10s, so that was good. Felt like a short workout, since I used to exercising longer. Made my 30 miles this week, I'm happy.

May 19, 2016 (Thursday) [6.7 miles]

Purposely swam super easy yesterday. Easy effort again this morning. Just enough to make 30 miles this week with the short Triathlon on Sunday. 15:26 min/mile average. Bike to Work tomorrow, then rest on Saturday.

May 17, 2016 (Tuesday) [13.3 miles]

♫ It's all about the pace, about the pace. No trouble, if you keep the pace. ♫

As slow as I was yesterday, I knew I wouldn't be going fast if I wanted to go long. Luckily, I was able to wake up early enough to allow for 3½ hours of exercise. Nose breathing, and an unfamiliar (and dark) course kept me from going too hard in the beginning. By mile 9 (daylight, and a more familar course), my splits were faster than my average. Fastest mile split 15:28, slowest 18:51. Average pace 16:45, finish in 3:43:11 just slightly over my allowed time.

May 16, 2016 (Monday) [7.6 miles]

Start of one of my toughest week to get to 30 running miles. Bicycle ride on Saturday may have left me less than 100%. Not much speed this morning, but I figured if I took it easy, I would be OK. Splits 15:27, 14:11, 14:18, 14:05, 16:10, 16:29, 16:29. You can see at mile 5, which included restroom, and pull up stop, things never got better. I didn't think I needed an energy gel, but perhaps I should have. Planned to go 8 miles, but just trotted home at a super easy pace. Tomorrow I go even easier in the beginning, in hopes I can go longer, but that all depends on if I can wake up early enough.

May 14, 2016 (Saturday) [6.5 miles]

Extremely tired yesterday, so I just took a rest day. Hopefully, next week I'll feel better after my Thursday run, because I'll be bicycling to work. Easy bicycle ride to work and back (21.4 miles), then off on a run. I only needed 1.5 miles to make 30 this week. Stride a bit awkward, but that's normal after a bike ride. Kept the cadence high, and was surprised at my splits. Each mile, I felt better, so I ended up going much longer than 1.5 miles. Splits 13:55, 13:11, 12:48, 11:46, 11:19, 11:28. Average 12:20 min/mile, which is actually faster than my normal training pace. I guess that bike ride warmed up my legs.

May 12, 2016 (Thursday) [8.1 miles]

The week start with 20 miles in 2 days seems to have taken it's toll. Swim yesterday wasn't enough rest to feel fresh this morning. Legs felt heavy, and didn't get much better each mile. Slow 15:26 min/mile average. At least I was able to simulate what I will be doing next week to meet my 30 miles of running with Bike to Work day and a weekend triathlon.

May 10, 2016 (Tuesday) [12.3 miles]

Three hour time slot this morning, so there should be no problem to get to 10 miles. Moderate effort in the beginning to conserve energy for later in the run. Extended the first water stop until mile 5, since I didn't feel thirsty. Another water stop at mile 7.5 as the daylight started to appear. Picked up the pace as I could actually see where I was going. Still time to add a few miles, but no enough to go 13. I haven't run just 12 miles since 2013 during Marathon training. Usually if I get to 12 miles, I go the extra distance to get to 13.1. Finished in 2:55:02, 14:13 min/mile average. Splits a bit faster in the end, but not very fast. 14:46, 13:37, 14:17, 14:29, 15:28, 14:46, 14:37, 15:13, 13:35, 13:04, 12:42, 13:47.

May 9, 2016 (Monday) [8.1 miles]

No more intense speed work for a while. Need to get used to consecutive run days, so easy 8 miles, stopped before I got too tired. Consistent effort pace, averaged 14:17 min/mile.

May 7, 2016 (Saturday) [6.1 miles]

Just get to 30 this week. 46th consecutive week of 30+ miles of running. My biggest challenge coming up in a few weeks. Bike to Work day on Friday, followed by a short Triathlon (3 mile run) on the weekend. Need to get the miles in early in that week. Still stiff and sore, and my feet were extra sensitive this morning. I knew after a few miles that this would not be a great run. Completed 30.3 miles this week.

May 6, 2016 (Friday) [5.3 miles]

Pretty good rain overnight and into the early morning. I used my rain gear, but it wasn't raining when I left. Roads were very wet, and I was very warm. Light sprinkles, but I was definitely over dressed. Slow start, but actually a negative split run, though slow at 15:20 min/mile average. Possible rain tomorrow as well, but a lower probability. Need to try to get in a bicycle ride this weekend, too.

May 5, 2016 (Thursday) [10.3 miles]

Swim workout yesterday, left me somewhat recharged. Woke up early, so I had 3 hours to workout. Warm up mile felt OK, so I tried some speed work. First 400m in 1:58 (8 min/mile pace), 2nd a bit slower around 9 min/mile pace. Next mile interval at 9:48. Those two miles in 20:16. After a quick water stop, I couldn't seem to go fast again, pace kept dropping, so I decided no more mile intervals. I had thoughts of cutting the run short, but since I had plenty of time, I just kept going. Last mile split in 17:52. Overall average 14:48 min/mile in 2:33. Rain the next few days, so needed to get my mileage in.

May 3, 2016 (Tuesday) [8.6 miles]

Saturday's bicycle ride over worked a muscle behind my knee on my left leg. Sunday swim felt good even though I was limping while walking. My swim kick wasn't affected, and completed 2400 yards. Still too stiff and sore yesterday to run. Much better this morning, only slightly sore, so I decided to see how it felt to run. Legs felt strong, and cadence was quick. As I warmed up, felt looser and was faster. The last mile home was slightly downhill, so I just went with it. Nice to get negative splits, with the fastest mile at the end of the run. Splits 14:05, 12:20, 14:09, 13:00, 12:42, 12:27, 12:12, 10:11. Average 12:31 min/mile.

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