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10 Key Test FAQ

Buttons are too small.
The button size is exactly the size of the face of a standard keypad. Because the keypad displays in only 2D, it looks smaller. If the touch areas are too close, the likelihood of a mis-hit would be higher. Because there is no tactical feel, you finger are more likely to get out of place, resulting in a low score.

Score won't save.
Only scores with a correct percentage of 80 or higher will be saved.

Calc Brain FAQ

Ask a question, or report a problem
E-mail to support at

Calculator Brain for iPad FAQ

How to I use the In-App Purchase.
When you add the fourth entry the App Store will start up and allow you to make the purchase. You can also access the In-App purchase from the Info menu.

Factorial gives error on non-integer number.
The factorial algortihm only work on integers.

Target Shootout FAQ

My score does not show up in Game Center
You must save your score to the list in order to enable the score to be sent to the Game Center. If you complete a score and are unable connect to Game Center, then you can select the score in the future when you have a Game Center connection, and the score will be added.

It looks like a complete shootout, but it is not registering.
It only takes a single red pixel to keep from completing the game. Because one pixel is difficult to see, the next version of the game will have a indicator to help you determine where the final red areas are located.

Individual Shots respond slowly.
After you release the trigger, there is some complex processing performed to determine if a surrounded area needs to be removed. Be patient.

iTint FAQ

I don't have access to any known reference samples.
You can order a set of reference tint samples from Ridout Plastics using this link here.

I don't have access to the glass edge.
If use use the same iTunes account on your two devices, then you only need to purchase the app once. Adjust the brightness of the two devices to match, and make sure the auto-brightness is turned-off. This works best if the two devices are the same type. Place one behind the glass, and adjust the other device to match the bottom of the device behind the glass.

I am having trouble find the right level that matches.
A little practice will allow you to get better at matching. Use the practice mode to perfect your ability. iTint Lite should be used to practice before purchase. Gray tints are easier to match than a colored one. Practice on gray tints until you get a good eye for the right level.

multiTouch FAQ

I'm touching all the dots, but they do not register.
Version 1.1 contains a better algorithm. It's easier to touch all the dots at once, since your other fingers tend to move as you are positioning another finger.

Sometimes the dots register, but I didn't touch them all.
This has also been fixed in Version 1.1. The entire touch routines were updated with UITouch previousLocationInView, which helps resolves all the prior problems.

Pi Brain FAQ

I cannot find the setting anywhere in the app.
The settings are available in the iPhone OS Main Settings (where Wi-Fi is set). Scroll down and you will see Pi Brain, perhaps with other app on your device.

Coin Brain FAQ

I have never seen some of these coins before.
Some of the coins are not in circulation yet, check out the release dates on the coins page.

I can't seem to get the maximum points for a group.
The timer for the first coin starts right when the images appear, so if you want to get the bonus point, you can't spend too much time examining the coins.

The scores appear to be repeating in the list.
The data is saved correctly. If you exit and re-enter the app, you will see the correct scores. This will be fixed in the next version.