Coin Brain

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The Rules are simple. Select each coin image only once for the maximum points. Each Group contains a fixed number of images, and only four will be displayed at a time. At least one of the displayed images has not been selected before, and the others will be randomly placed. Once you have selected the last image in the group, the scoring is over. You can get bonus points if you select quickly. You will lose points if you select an image you have already selected.

Use the Options to select which group you want to use. You can select multiple groups so you can find a good number of images that is challenging for you. The items in the top score list can be expanded to show more detail about the score. The maximum point total is 3 per coin. So if you can get 18 points on the penny group (6 images) you are truly awesome.

The following groups are included:

U.S.coin images from the United States Mint.
Euro coins images from the European Central Bank.
Philippine coin images from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Available on AppStore